Clear Cast / Clear Cast Clear Room Temperature Casting and Coating

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100 pbw to 100 pbw

Clear Cast is an unfilled all purpose casting resin that has excellent adhesion to a broad range of substrates. One factor which contributes to this property is the low shrinkage shown by this system during cure. Generally used for decoupage and similar applications it is also used to coat table tops, clocks, and encapsulate various items such as labels, coins, and other hobby and craft items. Flexibility can be obtained by varying mix ratio from 100 Parts Resin to 83 to 100 Parts Hardener. For even more flexibility another resin is available called Clear Cast 50/50.

Additional information

Ratio By Weight

100 pbw to 100 pbw

Ratio By Volume

1 to 1

Pot Life at 72°F (200 Gram Mass)

65 Minutes

Cure Time

24 Hours

Hardness, Shore "D" (RT)


Tensile Strength



Resin – 9.6 Hardener – 8.0 Mixed – 8.8

Specific Gravity

Resin – 1.16 Hardener – 0.96 Mixed -* 1.06

Shelf Life: Resin/Hardener

1 Year