D370-S Teflon

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D370-S Teflon Tape is a TFE tape without fiberglass and it has stretch.

D370-2S Teflon Tape is used for filler bars and areas where stretch is required.

D370-5S Teflon Tape is used to conform to tool surfaces to offer release and cushioning while hiding tool imperfections.

D370-10S Teflon Tape is used for hot press platens.

Note: D370-S 0.005″ is available in 36″ width upon request.

Additional information

Maximum Use Temperature


Minimum Use Temperature


Thickness (inches)

0.002, 0.003, 0.005,0.006, 0.010

Widths (inches)

1 to 20

Length (yards)

18 & 36