MAT First Step-Clean Room Entry Mat

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Take the FIRST STEP to cleaner, more efficient working environment with the use of FIRST STEP adhesive coated contamination control products. FIRST STEP represents the most advanced technology for significantly reducing the level of traffic-borne contaminates.

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SAFETY CONSTRUCTION – FIRST STEP mats are designed to resist adhesive transfer and at the same time prevent premature sheet-to-sheet delamination (U.S. Patent 4559250). This safety feature significantly reduces the risk of a worker-related tripping accident.

FULL SURFACE ADHESIVE – FIRST STEP mats provide a 12% larger working surface, when compared to a typical beveled mat, and the use of FIRST STEP mats eliminate the undesirable contaminant build-up on the exposed edges of the typical beveled contamination control mat.

ANTIMICROBIAL – all standard FIRST STEP products incorporate a bactericide, which provides long-lasting protection against the growth of organisms including molds, mildew, fungi, and algae. This antimicrobial component does not leech out, and is nontoxic to the extent that it is approved for direct food contact by the F.D.A. (21 CFR 175.105).

SELF-CONTAINED MANUFACTURING – FIRST STEP products are totally produced in-house on state-of-the-art coating and laminating equipment. These internal capabilities allow us to consistently provide top quality products, exceptional service, and competitive pricing.

SIZES AND COLORS -FIRST STEP mats are commonly produced in a wide selection of colors and sizes. Typical sizes include18″X36″, 18″X46″, 26″X46″, 36″X46″, and 46″X60″ – and are readily available in white, blue, and gray colors custom colors and sizes are available upon request. All standard mats are provided with numbered corner tabs to eliminate the accidental removal of more than one layer at a time.

CONDUCTIVE MATS – The FIRST STEP conductive mat, with a surface resistivity of 3 (106) to 1.2 (107) ohms, is preferred in work areas where static control is essential. The 30,000 volts of static electricity discharged from the sheet removal of a typical mat are reduced to less than 300 volts with the use of FIRST STEP “Stat-Mat”.

CUFF SEALER – FIRST STEP Cuff Sealers provide an effective means of sealing gloves and shoe covers to the garment for your clean room operations. The standard FIRST STEP Cuff Sealer is a 30 layer pad 3-1/2″ X 13″, with an adhesive coated backing to affix to a stationary position. For ease of application, numbered tabs are provided on opposite ends of every sheet.