D1600 Peel Ply, Green Tracers Nylon, Scoured

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D1600 is polyamide (210 denier, Nylon 6,6) peel ply fabric used to build large composite structures or to facilitate small repairs where a clean and textured surface is desired for additional bonding and finishing operations. D1600 also provides pressure to the composite structure during fabrication and cure allowing gas to escape thereby eliminating blisters. D1600 is scoured to remove residual sizing.

D1600 will not combine with laminating resins and, therefore, should not be allowed to remain on the structure. D1600 is woven with intermittent green tracer threads for identification to insure that all material is removed after cure.

D1600 is compatible with most Epoxy and Polyester resin systems. Nylon peel ply fabric is generally not recommended for use with Phenol resin systems.

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Nylon 6,6

Weave Pattern

Plain Weave

Standard Roll Size

60"X250 Yd