Ultra Smooth Filler Paste #8

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ULTRA SMOOTH FILLER NO. 8 is a two component polyester filler paste system. No. 8 is formulated to offer the user a intense white colored filler paste which exhibits a creamy smooth texture and the very desirable quality of being “tack free” after cure. The smooth texture allows for easier troweling and sanding to obtain a feather like edge on the cured paste. The “tack free” nature of the cured paste prevents sandpaper from becoming globed and gummy. The paste can easily be tapped from the sandpaper allowing the paper to be reused.

Once applied and cured No. 8 will bond to most surfaces such as aluminum, copper, fiberglass, epoxy, plaster, steel, graphite and Kevlar®. It will also accept all types of enamel, epoxy, lacquer, and paint stains as a surface finish. No. 8 can be subjected to temperatures of up to 250°F/121°C.


  • Aircraft panel filling
  • RIM, BMC, SMC surface filling
  • Bonding inserts and bushings
  • Pattern repairs and filling
  • Crack, crevice, and hole repair
  • Router fixture repair
  • Core box repair
  • Vacuum mold repair
  • Fiberglass boat repair
  • Urethane mold repair
  • Filling porosity on composites
  • Wallpaper cosmetic filling
  • Filling cloth texture impressions

Additional information


Grey & Black

Mix Ratio (pbw)

100 to 2

Viscosity (mixed at 77°F/25°C)

thixotropic paste

Pot Life @77°F/25°C (minutes)

5 – 6

Tack Free (minutes after gelation)


Finishing Schedule (minutes after gelation)

15 – 25

Hardness (Shore D)