Grit Strip 2″ Aluminum Grit Strips

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A GRIT STRIP is .016 inch clad aluminum with uniform peaks that embed in prepreg or film adhesive, stopping all movement of the prepreg or film adhesive. GRIT STRIP comes in 4 feet long strips and standard widths of 2 , 3 , 4, and 6 inches. GRIT STRIP is designed to be bonded to the tool in the trim area and then the prepreg or film adhesive is attached to the strip.


  • Wipe the tool surface with a solvent (Zyvax WATERCLEAN or equivalent).
  • Abrade the tool surface where the GRIT STRIPS will be bonded; usually about 1 inch outside the net trim line, about 4 inches from the edge of tool to allow bagging room.
  • Solvent wipe the abraded areas and allow for 15-20 minutes air dry.
  • Apply film adhesive to braided area. (For temporary use put down D2+2, double faced tape).
  • Place GRIT STRIP on the film adhesive and cure tool using the vacuum bag process.

**Note: GRIT STRIPS may be bonded to lay-up tools to facilitate stabilization of honeycomb core.