D179 Cross Fibers

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ESF Technology uses high tenacity yarns to create innovative, cost effective materials that offer superior structural reinforcement with minimized bulk and weight. Through a proprietary process, scrims are created with reinforcing yarns off the 0-90 degree axis, to reinforce unique off-angle load requirements. The variation in geometry allows construction of scrims that not only increase durability and off-load line strength in the finished goods, but also differentiate them visually if desired.


  • High tenacity specialty yarns
  • Customized off-angle geometry
  • Unique visual impact

Additional information

MD Yarn:

1210 dtex Teijin Black Twaron

CD Yarn:

3k carbon Fiber


2 layers carbon off angle scrim with warps and polyester carrier scrim

Angle of the CD


Areal Weight

90.17 gsm


58” width standard and slit widths available

Carrier Scrim

3 x 3210 70d polyester with adhesive coating