D500QDF Quick Disconnect, Mechanical Lock

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D500 QDF features a revolutionary new design which takes advantage of autoclave operating conditions to enhance their sealing capability. The unique design of the D500 QDF allows the male stem to withstand an external pressure of over 100 psi without leaking.

The D500 QDF provides a rapid connect and disconnect of vacuum hoses during bagging operations without loss of vacuum pressure. Constructed of heat-treated steel, the D500 QDF is a durable shop aid, designed for the production shop environment.


  • Designed specifically for vacuum use and autoclave operating conditions.
  • Durable heat-treated steel construction.
  • Pressure-tight sleeve locking connection.
  • Service temperature of 500°F/260°C
  • Service temperature of 500°F/260°C
  • Significantly higher flow than conventional quick-connects, 43 cfm at of vacuum.
  • Swivels 360 degrees to prevent hose twisting and kinking.
  • Two-way check valves in socket and plug to stop flow when connection is broken.
  • Vacuum seal efficiency increases with the application of external pressure.