D5160 Silicone, High Temperature

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D5160 is an advanced process vacuum bag sealant tape that was developed to fulfill the stringent requirements of very high temperature cure requirements. This dark brown colored tape sealant is formulated with a unique base polymer to function throughout a temperature range of 375°F (191°C) to 750°F (399°C). Extended cure cycles of twelve (12) hours or longer are possible.


  • Easy to apply by hand (User friendly)
  • Ideal for oven or autoclave cure
  • 375°F (191°C) to 750°F (399°C) cure cycles
  • Strips clean from tool surfaces
  • Tenacious adhesion to polyimide films and tool surfaces
  • Non-Hazardous and thermally stable

Keep in cool dry place. Do not store cartons on end, keep flat.

One year shelf life from date of manufacture when stored at or below 80°F (27°C).

Apply by hand to a clean dry tool or platen with release paper on top. When the sealant tape is in position remove the release paper and lay the film on top. Apply pressure by hand or roller on the sealant tape to obtain maximum adhesion and to ensure positive vacuum. It is recommended to strip below 150 oF (66 oC) to minimize or reduce the parts from becoming warped. D5160 can be stripped without leaving a residue on metal tool surfaces that have been cooled to room temperature.

D5160 sealant tape is supplied in roll form with a special release paper. Other roll sizes will be considered on request.

Additional information


Dark Brown

Percent Solid


Consistancy: Cone Penetration 300 Gram Load

100 – 130

Freight Classification

Caulking Compound, NOIBN (No Label Required)

Application Temperature

45°F (7°C) to 120°F (49°C)

Service Temperature

375°F (191°C) to 750°F (399°C)

Rolls Per Case


Feet Per Case