D316C Modified Nylon 66

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D316C is a transparent, heat-stabilized, cast film produced from a nylon 6,6 which can
be used for cures up to 500°F.

D316C is used as vacuum bagging film in manufacturing and curing of laminated glass
and in manufacturing and curing of aerospace composites. It’s also used as a carrier
web and release film for testing rubber compounds in rhymesters.

All nylon films are known to be hydrophilic. They absorb up to 2.5% of surrounding
humidity, therefore, it is recommended that this film be kept in a sealed plastic bag.

**NOTE: Some sizes are standard others will require a minimum buy.

Additional information

Maximum Use Temperature

500°F / 260°C

Minimum Use Temperature


Melting Point

510°F / 265°C

Thickness (inches)

0.002, 0.003, 0.004, 0.005

Widths (inches)

*See Note: 12” – 80”

Elongation (%)