D403SS Stainless Steel, Threaded Lock Ring

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D403 SS is a high temperature vacuum valve that has many benefits including long life, positive high temperature seal, and ease of use. This is a three piece valve, consisting of a base, pressure ring and knurled nut.

This valve is made from “303” stainless steel which permits its use to temperatures in excess of 800°F. The seal between the base of the valve and the vacuum bag is a high temperature, pliable, organic gasket.

The vacuum valve is ideal for use with all high temperature, high pressure cycling of thermoplastic and thermo-setting systems.

In case of lost details, DE-COMP offers the sale of any individual detail to restore your vacuum valve to a complete unit.

Aluminum vacuum valves are also available and DE-COMP welcomes the opportunity to manufacture other vacuum valves specifically designed to individual customer requirements.