D906 Porcupine Roller

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D906 is a steel roller with a wood handle designed to perforate films in order to allow air, volatiles, and resin to flow through the film. The amount of resin flow can be controlled by the depth of the pin penetration. D906 may also be used on foam details to give the bonding adhesive a better grip on the foam surface.

**NOTE: Other sizes are available upon request

Additional information

Roller Width (inches)

Large: 2 Small: 5-1/2

Roller Diameter (inches)

Large: 2 Small: 1

Length of Pins (inches)

Large: 0.25 Small: 0.23

Pin Diameter (inches) - maximum

Large: 0.068 Small: 0.10

Rows of Pins

Large: 7 Small: 12

Pins per Row

Large: 24 Small: 7


Large: Wood Small: Wood