Rymple Cloth

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This silicone free, biodegradable, purified, crimped wiping cloth is manufactured from 100% woven cotton. It has a unique crimped finish and firmly twisted yarns that provides more surface area for collecting and trapping dirt particles. The soft texture and crimped stretch-like construction provides excellent surface conformity and memory. Our factory controlled purification process produces a highly absorbent wiping cloth which is compatible with cleaning solvents and will result in worry-free wiping and polishing.

Composition: 100% Purified Cotton

Width (inches): 9-10

Application: Use in cleaning smooth or textured, metallic and non-metallic surfaces where residual surface contamination levels are exceptionally critical. Excellent for applying release agents

Property Comparison – Physical Test
Specs Rymplecloth Boeing Mat’l Specification BMS 15-5D Aerospace Mat’l Spec AMS 3819
Weight 2.0 oz./sq. yd. N/A 1.8 – >6.0
Absorbency 1.4 scc 30 scc max N/A
Water retention 1,950% N/A 400% min
Lint 4.1 mg/sq. ft. N/A 10.0 max
Cloth Integrity No tears N/A No tears
Chemical Test
Halogen Content —299 ppm N/A N/A
pH 7.2 6.0 – 7.5 6.0 – 7.5
IR analysis No Silicone No Silicone No Silicone
Water 0.03% 1.20% max 0.25% max
Acetone 0.18% 1.00% max N/A
Trichloroethylene 0.16% 0.75% N/A
Methyl Ethyl Ketone 0.15% N/A 0.25% max
Dichloromethane 0.13% N/A 0.25% max
Mil-C-38736 0.05% N/A 0.25% max
Trichloromethane 0.08% N/A 0.10% max